OpenDS 1.0.0-build009 is now available

We have just uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build009, built from revision 3597 of our source tree, to our promoted builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is:

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is:

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

Detailed information about this build is available at

Major changes incorporate since OpenDS 1.0.00-build08 include:

  • Revision 3468 (Issue #2214) — Add the ability to accept certificates permanently in the graphical user interface. Fix an issue where the Subject DN of the certificate was not parsed correctly and and reported a host name mismatch.
  • Revision 3469 (Issue #1902) — Fix an issue where dsconfig set-backend-prop did not check whether values provided exceeded the maximum value for a property.
  • Revision 3470 — Add checks to avoid problems with DN comparison in the QuickSetup code.
  • Revision 3473 (Issue #2347) — Fix an issue in which the dsconfig command would exit of no JE indexes were configured and a user attempted to view or edit them.
  • Revision 3485 (Issue #2613) — Fix a problem with the upgrade commands which were breaking the replication mechanism.
  • Revision 3486 (Issue #2618) — Fix an issue in which the dsframework register-server command was failing.
  • Revision 3487 (Issue #2617) — Fix a NullPointerException in the dsreplication status command.
  • Revision 3488 (Issue #2085) — Partial fix for a problem in which dsconfig did not close connections properly. This fix applies to dsconfig interactive mode only.
  • Revision 3489 — Add two targets (run-server and run-dsconfig) that enable you to run the server or dsconfig without using a shell script, for example, from Netbeans. Also add two targets (nb-debug-server and nb-debug-dsconfig") that enable you to debug the server and dsconfig from Netbeans.
  • Revision 3492 (Issue #2614) — Allow the ldif-directory property of an LDIF connection handler to be a relative path.
  • Revision 3493 — Add nodetach to get server output when using the run-server and nb-debug-server targets. Enable debugging in the nb-debug-server target. Add a new nb-profile-server target for one click server profiling from NetBeans.
  • Revision 3499 (Issue #2565) — Fix a Java Exception that occurred during replication conflict resolution.
  • Revision 3504 (Issue #2630) — Fix a problem in in which the dsreplication pre-external-initialization command did not work correctly with a binary copy.
  • Revision 3507 (Issue #1732) — Provide bundled installation documentation in an html file called install.html at the top level install directory.
  • Revision 3511 (Issue #2319) — Protect access to the dc=replicationChanges suffix by default, using a global ACI that denies all operations for all users other than the Directory Manager.
  • Revision 3513 (Issues #2007 and #2049) — Provide a generic mechanism for using multiple caches and fix an issue in which dsconfig was unable to configure the entry cache.
  • Revision 3519 (Issue #2615) — Fix a deadlock in the change log trimming that caused a subsequent deadlock of the replication server.
  • Revision 3522 (Issue #2331) — Fix an issue in which the manage-tasks command was always run interactively.
  • Revision 3525 (Issue #2655) — The class org.opends.server.replication.server.ReplicationCache has been renamed as org.opends.server.replication.server.ReplicationServerDomain.
  • Revision 3528 (Issue #2633) — Fix an issue in which new updates were not replicated when initializing a topology with dsreplication initialize-all, unless the server on which the data was originally imported was restarted.
  • Revision 3529 (Issue #2658) — Fix a problem causing unexpected behavior when monitoring the entry cache.
  • Revision 3532 (Issue #2587) — Fix an issue in which dsreplication enable failed to initialize the schema of a secondary server if the user schema contained a new object class dependent on a new attribute type.
  • Revision 3536 (Issue #2661) — Make the classes in org.opends.messages public so that they can be referenced from other public APIs.
  • Revision 3538 (Issue #2086) — Make FIFO the default entry cache instead of Soft Reference.
  • Revision 3543 (Issue #2599) — Fix an issue in which the replication mechanism added the modifiersName and modifyTimestamp to schema updates, introducing an inconsistency between the schema on replicated instances.
  • Revision 3555 (Issue #2612) — Fix an issue in which initialization of the ADS failed when both servers were configured for replication separately.
  • Revision 3557 (Issue #2648) — Ensure that the dsconfig and dsreplication commands support IPv6 addresses.
  • Revision 3559 (Issue #2742) — Add the objectClass attribute to the Root DSE operational attributes global ACI.
  • Revision 3572 (Issues #2730 and #2620) — Provide a way for users to set specific JAVA arguments (and use a specific JVM) for every command-line utility.
  • Revision 3574 (Issue #2751) — Fix an issue in which the account status notification handler could not be enabled if the template files were referenced with a relative path.
  • Revision 3575 (Issue #2767) — Fix an issue in which using the entryDN attribute with userattr inheritance was broken.
  • Revision 3576 (Issue #2759) — Add the objectClass attribute to the list of target attributes in the global ACI that grants anonymous read access – this issue prevented anonymous users from seeing cn=schema.
  • Revision 3577 — Fix a bug which prevented the Java WebStart installer from setting the JAVA_HOME environment variable.
  • Revision 3582 (Issue #1862) — Provide a verbose option with the setup command. By default, the graphical setup and the command-line setup run in non-verbose mode.
  • Revision 3585 (Issue #2446) — (Partial fix). Add support to the administration framework for specifying one or more "default" managed objects which should be created automatically when a parent managed object is created. This is the first step in creating default indexes automatically when a new backend is created.
  • Revision 3586 (Issue #2446) — Define default indexes that should be created when a new Local DB Backend is created. The default indexes are aci (presence), objectClass (equality), and entryUUID (equality).
  • Revision 3591 (Issue #2451) — It is now possible to override the default naming argument for dsconfig sub-commands using the CLI profile in the XML definitions. To do this add the naming-argument-override attribute to a relation’s CLI profile relation element.
  • Revision 3592 (Issue #2451) — The CLI naming argument for virtual attributes has been over-ridden and is now name.
  • Revision 3595 (Issue #2741) — Fix an issue in which adding and removing ACIs made the server unstable.
  • Revision 3596 (Issue #138) — Various fixes and improvements to the DSML gateway.

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