A successful technical software event…

The Technical software event organized last week in Grenoble Engineering Center has been a great success. Kudos to Dominique, a great G.O.

The attendance exceeded our expectations (and almost our room capacity). There was more than 190 persons over the 4 days, an average of 100 attendees per day (and nearly 120 on the first dat), coming from 20 different countries.

DSC_8015.jpgOn the Thursday and Friday, all the Campus Ambassadors from France attended the presentations and some additional meetings with their mentors and Dan Berg, CTO GSS & VP EMEA Systems Engineering.



Below some of our guest speakers : Dan Berg, Alban Richard -Director of the Directory Services Engineering and Grenoble Site Leader-, Roman Strobl -aka Mr. NetBeans-, Gilles GravierOpenSolaris and open source enthousiast-, Alexis Moussine-PouchkineGlassFish evangelist and emeritus skier-.

DSC_8019-tm.jpg DSC_7977.jpg DSC_8029.jpg
DSC_8004.jpg DSC_7982.jpg

DSC_8025.jpgOn Friday, I presented an introduction to the OpenDS project (PDF) in the general session and in the afternoon a 2 hours session demoing the basic features and principles of OpenDS. There is some feedback to the developer team with regards to dsconfig and usability, an area where we haven’t really focused so far.

There has been other reports on the event, by Dominique [1], [2], [3]. [4], Alexis.

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