OpenDS 1.0.0-build011 is now available

We have uploaded OpenDS 1.0.0-build011, built from revision 3813 of our source tree, to our promoted builds folder. The direct link to download the core server is:

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is:

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more information.

Detailed information about this build is available at

Beware of one limitation:

1. Upgrade/revert can not be supported due to an incompatibility introduced between build-010 and build-011.

Major changes incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0-build010 include:

  • Revision 3661 (Issue #2446) — Add a default ordering index for the ds-sync-hist attribute. This index is required for replication.
  • Revision 3664 (Issue #2814) — Fix an issue that caused dsreplication enable to fail when a user attempted to enable replication between a server with a global administrator and a server with no global administrator.
  • Revision 3666 (Issue #2640) — Add support for installation from RPM packages.
  • Revision 3669 — Add support to the administration framework for retrieving an internationalized description of the constraints applicable to an aggregation property.
  • Revision 3670 (Issue #2805) — Fix an issue in which changes to the replication purge delay parameter were not taken into account until after the server was restarted.
  • Revision 3671 (Issue #2823) — Fix an issue that was causing the replication heartbeat monitor thread to die suddenly.
  • Revisions 3674 & 3675 (Issue #2806) — Avoid using the class within the org.opends.server.util.RuntimeInformation class (which broke compatability with the IBM JDK on AIX).
  • Revision 3680 (Issue #2830) — Improvements to the build "test" target. This change modifies the "test" target so that it is as lightweight as possible but forgiving for first-time users.
  • Revision 3686 (Issue #2499) — Remove the option to use nanosecond etime resolution as a JVM property. It is now a global configuration property (etime-resolution).
  • Revision 3687 (Issue #2811) — Make dsreplication enable and dsreplication disable symmetric. When the last replicated suffix is disabled, replication on cn=schema and cn=admin data are also disabled and the registration information is updated.
  • Revision 3689 (Issue #2004) — Automatically generate HTML-based configuration documentation.
  • Revision 3695 (Issue #1288) — Make the number of listener threads for synchronization configurable.
  • Revision 3700 (Issue #2822) — Update the permissions of the root file of the installation so that files such as the configuration file are read-protected.
  • Revision 3703 (Issue #2499) — Additional enhancements to the ability to use nanosecond etime resolution.
  • Revision 3706 (Issue #2855) — Include a reference to the log file created by the setup in the event that the user requires more information than what is displayed.
  • Revision 3708 (Issues #2831 and #1948) — Change the local DB backend configuration so that the db-directory and import-temp-directory properties now name a parent directory within which a sub-directory is created having the same name as the backend-id. This simplifies configuration and reduces the risk of name collisions.
  • Revision 3709 (Issue #2850) — Fix a problem that was causing the server to hang after several abandons.
  • Revision 3714 (Issue #2861) — Fix an error in the logger configuration manager that was causing duplicate log messages.
  • Revision 3715 (Issue #2862) — Fix an error that was causing the online backup to consider errors as warnings.
  • Revision 3720 (Issue #1302) — Change the connection algorithm of an LDAP server so that each LDAP server chooses the replication server that is most up to date regarding changes received across the topology.
  • Revision 3727 — Fix an issue that was causing exception errors when running an import on an empty backend.
  • Revision 3735 — Fix an issue that caused LDAP connections to be performed on the local host, even if a specific listen-address was specified in the config.ldif file.
  • Revision 3738 (Issue #2602) — Index definition is no longer required to change an object’s configuration. A severe warning is now logged in the error log instead of preventing the configuration change.
  • Revision 3740 (Issue #2781) — Fix an unchecked exception during database transaction by updating the JE to version 3.2.70.
  • Revision 3743 (Issue #2863) — Fix an issue that caused processes to continue running when all replication servers were stopped simultaneously.
  • Revision 3745 (Issue #2353) — Improve the error handling in logger retention policy enforcement.
  • Revision 3755 (Issue #2872) — Simplify and improve the usage of the dsjavaproperties command.
  • Revision 3773 (Issue #2232) — Log a message when the back end is taken offline.
  • Revision 3774 (Issue #2358) — Add progress information to the verify-index command.
  • Revision 3786 (Issue #2870) — Provide the ability for the status and dsreplication status commands to show replication monitoring.
  • Revision 3801 (Issue #2887) — Fix an issue that was causing the status command to exit with 0 despite connection errors being reported. Now, if there is an error reading the configuration, a specific error code is returned.
  • Revision 3806 (Issue #2772) — Change the logging mechanism so that, if the preload value is set, the following items are logged automatically: the backend being preloaded, its individual databases as they are being preloaded, completion or interruption status and interruption reason.
  • Revision 3810 (Issue #2820) — Fix an issue in which an uncaught deadlock exception caused a fatal replication failure.
  • Revision 3812 (Issue #2598) — Provide the ability to monitor replication globally.

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