A Japanese presentation of OpenDS

Shioda-san has done a presentation the OpenDS project in Japan last week during the Java Hot Topic monthly seminar. The session was well attended and well received.

Here’s a screencast of the presentation (for the persons who are fluent in Japanese :-))

Even when you don’t understand Japanese, you can see that the download, installation and creation of a running instance of OpenDS takes less than 3 minutes, including detailed explanations of the different panels.

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Developing OpenDS with the NetBeans IDE

Update on Friday March 21th.

I’ve already talked about the tutorial for “Building and Running OpenDS with the NetBeans IDE“. Since last week, developing OpenDS with the NetBeans IDE is even easier. A default NetBeans Project has been committed by Françoise in the source repository in the trunck/opends/nbproject directory.

The default NetBeans project has been removed from the source repository, as it was difficult to make local changes.

You can now find it in the form of a Zip on the OpenDS Wiki.

Picture 6-1Picture 7

So once, you checked-out the OpenDS source code from the SVN repository (using the NetBeans IDE of course), you will be asked if you want to open the “Directory Server” project. , close the Checkout window.

Download the OpenDS NetBeans project file, unzip it in the OpenDS project …

In the NetBeans IDE, in the File menu, select Open Project… point to the extract location. And there you are, ready to edit the code, rebuild, test and debug.


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Software engineering in Grenoble-Isere

Sun GECThe AEPI (agency for the economic development of Grenoble and Isere) published yesterday a report on software engineering in the Grenoble area, and how it’s boosting Information Technology.

Sun is briefly mentioned:

The area also boasts high-grade private research: Sun Microsystems opened an R&D centre here in 1990;

The whole report is worth reading and illustrates that the reasons for setting up the R&D center (now known as Grenoble Engineering Center) 18 years ago are still valid, and more important than ever.

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Cast your vote on OpenDS issues…

Did you know that you could vote on OpenDS issues ?

The feature has been enabled about a month ago. Once you’ve signed up with your Java.net ID, you can go and vote for your favorite bug, indicating the developers that it is important for you to get it fixed.

You can vote for up to 10 bugs.

So go to OpenDS issue tracker and cast your vote.

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Engineering Gold at the Grenoble Engineering Center

On Tuesday April 8th 2008, at 18:30, Sun Grenoble Engineering Center will host a speaker from Sheffield Hallam University, for a talk on “Sports Engineering Design“. This is part of the IET “Engineering Gold” prestige lecture tour.

The talk is opened to anyone and is Free of Charge. Online registration is required though to be able to estimate the number of attendees and make sure there is room for everyone.

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Directory Masters to meet at the Grenoble Engineering Center

 Ludo Resource Dcp 6599Sun Directory product experts from all over the world will meet on April 3rd and 4th, 2008 at the Grenoble Engineering Center, France.

The Directory Masters Event brings together a highly technical community of experts in the Directory space, to share the product knowledge and best practices, enabling sales and deployments of the Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition product. This event is opened to Sun employees and partners and there are already 40 registered attendees.

Why Grenoble, France ? Because this is where most of the development of Directory Services is taking place, and has been since 1996.

If you read this, you’re probably interested in LDAP and Sun Directory Services. So are you registered ?

See you in a couple of weeks !

And for those who cannot cross the Atlantic, we will repeat the event in the US, in the Sun facilities in Somerset NJ on May 12th and 13th, 2008. So I’ll see you there.

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Proposed OpenDS Roadmap


As Mark already pointed out, a proposed roadmap for OpenDS has been published on the OpenDS Wiki.

It covers the coming OpenDS 1.0 release as well as proposed features and extensions for the next major release.

The OpenDS roadmap is informational and expected (like all wiki based pages) to change as developers and users are proposing and working on new ideas.

If you have ideas or projects for future releases of OpenDS, please bring them now.

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