Developing OpenDS with the NetBeans IDE

Update on Friday March 21th.

I’ve already talked about the tutorial for “Building and Running OpenDS with the NetBeans IDE“. Since last week, developing OpenDS with the NetBeans IDE is even easier. A default NetBeans Project has been committed by Françoise in the source repository in the trunck/opends/nbproject directory.

The default NetBeans project has been removed from the source repository, as it was difficult to make local changes.

You can now find it in the form of a Zip on the OpenDS Wiki.

Picture 6-1Picture 7

So once, you checked-out the OpenDS source code from the SVN repository (using the NetBeans IDE of course), you will be asked if you want to open the “Directory Server” project. , close the Checkout window.

Download the OpenDS NetBeans project file, unzip it in the OpenDS project …

In the NetBeans IDE, in the File menu, select Open Project… point to the extract location. And there you are, ready to edit the code, rebuild, test and debug.


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Software engineering in Grenoble-Isere

Sun GECThe AEPI (agency for the economic development of Grenoble and Isere) published yesterday a report on software engineering in the Grenoble area, and how it’s boosting Information Technology.

Sun is briefly mentioned:

The area also boasts high-grade private research: Sun Microsystems opened an R&D centre here in 1990;

The whole report is worth reading and illustrates that the reasons for setting up the R&D center (now known as Grenoble Engineering Center) 18 years ago are still valid, and more important than ever.

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Cast your vote on OpenDS issues…

Did you know that you could vote on OpenDS issues ?

The feature has been enabled about a month ago. Once you’ve signed up with your ID, you can go and vote for your favorite bug, indicating the developers that it is important for you to get it fixed.

You can vote for up to 10 bugs.

So go to OpenDS issue tracker and cast your vote.

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