Proposed OpenDS Roadmap


As Mark already pointed out, a proposed roadmap for OpenDS has been published on the OpenDS Wiki.

It covers the coming OpenDS 1.0 release as well as proposed features and extensions for the next major release.

The OpenDS roadmap is informational and expected (like all wiki based pages) to change as developers and users are proposing and working on new ideas.

If you have ideas or projects for future releases of OpenDS, please bring them now.

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OpenDS in Japan

Tomonori Shioda has translated to Japanese and posted on his blog some OpenDS tutorials: Building OpenDS on the NetBeans IDE, OpenDS and LDAP port for non root users, Sun Java System WebServer 7.0 and OpenDS, Monitoring OpenDS with JConsole

Thanks Shioda-san.

Should we start a Japanese section on the OpenDS wiki ?

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