A completely new stack…

A couple of days ago, a "tweet" by SuperPat piqued my interest : OpenSolaris Developer Preview 2 running on Virtual Box on Mac OS X 10.5.2…

So I decided to try it as I’ve just updated my MacBook Pro to Mac OS X 10.5.2

I first downloaded and installed VirtualBox for OS X (beta 3, Intel Macs only).

I started VirtualBox and created my first New Virtual Machine, for Solaris, 1GB of memory, self expanding disk of 20GB.

Picture 7

I downloaded the Open Solaris Developer Preview 2 iso image and mounted it on the Virtual Machine:

Picture 16

I started the virtual machine, starting the live image of Open Solaris. When it’s started, double click on the Install OpenSolaris icon and follow the installation wizard (it’s so simple and straightforward now, congratulation to the OpenSolaris installer team):

Picture 2

Rebooted the virtual machine and voila…

Picture 12

Well, almost ! In order to get the network access to work, I followed the instructions from Alan and added the pcn driver on OpenSolaris.

And finally, I could install OpenDS with the QuickSetup.jnlp file and start doing serious work 😉

Picture 15

Really, I don’t think it could have been much simpler and quicker to install that complete stack on a machine. And you don’t need Mac OS X to do it too… All you need is VirtualBox, OpenSolaris and OpenDS, all of them are based on open source projects and freely available.

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