CommunityOne 2008… OpenDS presentation available

Ian Murdock keynote pictureThe presentation that I’ve done in collaboration with Jim Yang from Penrose Virtual Directory, at Community One 2008 – May 5th, San Francisco, CA – on Getting Started with Opends is now available from the CommunityOne session catalog (use the contentbuilder / doc789 credentials to access the PDFs). The presentation is also available from OpenDS project wiki.

Here’s the abstract of the presentatIon:

The session presents an overview of the OpenDS project. It demonstrates how to install the OpenDS LDAPv3 compliant directory server and how to start, stop, or get the status of the server. It explains the basic administration tasks necessary to prepare a directory server for a specific application. The presentation walks through the APIs available to extend the capabilities of the server. Penrose, an open source virtual directory server, ships OpenDS as the default LDAP service. The presentation takes a deep dive into extending the OpenDS plug-in and shows you how it fits into the Penrose modular service architecture.

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