OpenDS (an open source Java LDAP directory server) goes to Jazoon

Next week, I will be in Zurich at the Jazoon conference where I will be presenting the OpenDS project and the imminent OpenDS 1.0 release.

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Monday June 23rd :
GlassFish Community Day @ Jazoon

It’s free but registration is required.

13:30 – 14-15 : How to extend the 100% Java LDAP Open Directory Server.

 Dms Jazoon08 Header Jazoon-Logo Jazoon-Logo

Wednesday June 25th :

Jazoon Conference

16:30 – 17:20 : OpenDS Inside: An LDAP directory embedded into your applications

I will be at the Jazoon conference from Monday to Friday morning to meet with you, discuss the OpenDS project and what we’re building with it.

See you in Zurich next week.

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