OpenDS principle #1 : Ease of Use.

Last week a major piece of code was committed in the OpenDS project. A new GUI named Control Panel is now part of the OpenDS daily-builds (or in the source code repository).

The OpenDS Control Panel makes it trivial for Administrators to manage the OpenDS server as well as manage the entries stored in the LDAP server. Our technical writers have been working intensively to make the documentation available on the OpenDS Documentation wiki… The ink is still wet and the content has not gone under quality review yet, but you can get a real feel of how easy it is to take control of OpenDS LDAP directory server.

Below are screenshots of the main windows and administrative tasks of the Control Panel. Click on an image for the full size display.

OpenDS Control Panel
The Control Panel

OpenDS Control Panel : Entry Management
Managing Entries

OpenDS Control Panel - Manage Schema
Managing the Schema

Control Panel - Manage Indexes
Managing Indexes

Give the tool a try and let us know what you think. You can join the OpenDS project and leave a message on the user mailing list, or on the Forum. You can get in touch with some of us on the #opends IRC channel on Or you can leave comments on this blog.

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One thought on “OpenDS principle #1 : Ease of Use.

  1. Bill Hathaway 07 November 2008 / 08:32

    Just installed OpenDS again via Webstart and took the new GUI for a quick spin: edited an entry, performed a backup, changed java options, and modified indexes. Very nice!

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