A spotlight on OpenDS quality and the Quality Assurance team.

Opends Logo TagThis week the spotlights are turned on Gary Williams, the lead test engineer for the OpenDS project. He published a great article with Marina Sum on the topic the OpenDS open source project and Quality Assurance: Perspectives on Quality Assurance for OpenDS.

Gary and the quality assurance team develops tests, ran them on regular basis (over 30.000 unit tests and 2000 functional tests are run daily) and they are key in the reputation and the success of the OpenDS project:

"Our main goal is to deliver a quality product on schedule. As widely acclaimed as OpenDS is for its robust capabilities, we constantly strive for a better-performing product with more user-oriented features."

All tests are part of the project code repository or project documentation. You too can join the project and participate.

You can find more information about OpenDS quality assurance and the "Spirit of Testing" on OpenDS Wiki.

And to paraphrase the conclusion of the article : I feel fortunate and proud to be associated with Gary and his quality team, and look forward to the continued success of OpenDS as a superior global directory service.

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