New releases of OpenAM and OpenDJ !

It’s the happy hour, with a double release day at ForgeRock.

OpenAM 9.5.2 has just been released, along with the J2EE Agents 3.0.3 and are now available for downloads from ForgeRock. You can find the release details in the Release Notes.

OpenDJ 2.4.1 has also been released today. The patch release can be found on the Downloads page in various forms: Java WebStart Installer, Zip package or SVR4 package. The Release Notes have been posted on the Documentation wiki.

7 thoughts on “New releases of OpenAM and OpenDJ !

  1. Morne Butor 10 March 2011 / 11:31

    Since you are using WordPress, I am wondering if you may know how to secure WordPress with OpenAM.

    What is difficult is to let the blog open to public access while requiring OpenAM authentication anytime a user wants to post something or wants to reply to a previous post. Maybe a set of protected URLs can be defined and be used with an Apache agent. Did someone tried to do this before?

  2. Vladimir Dzhuvinov 15 March 2011 / 20:54

    Delighted to read that OpenDS continues to evolve in its new home!

    I have an application running on 2.4.0 and there have been no issues with that. Also about to start a new project where a customer wishes to deploy a number of Json2Ldap instances for an enterprise infosec app and I intend to package each instance with a OpenDJ directory behind it. Feel a bit anxious as the directory loading is still hard to anticipate and the whole thing should be as zero-admin as possible, but with good testing things should clear up. Anyhow, packaging an LDAP directory with a JSON API in front of it seems to become yet another attractive “NoSQL” alternative.

    • Ludo 15 March 2011 / 22:03

      Hi Vladimir,

      I agree with you that a Json2LDAP front-end to OpenDJ is an attractive solution. We, at ForgeRock, are considering adding a Json Restful interface to OpenDJ, for the configuration to start with.

  3. Vladimir Dzhuvinov 15 March 2011 / 22:47

    Good, getting some competition now 😉

    I believe LDAP directories can truly prosper on the WWW once they’re given a web friendly API. Because they do have the potential to get out of the intranet and onto the wider web. They offer a data model that is somewhat easier for people to understand than SQL, commands are relatively few and simple, plus, as a data-store, they have ready authentication of almost all sorts built into the API. And as such, with a proper web front-end, a directory can be exposed directly to the web, with some nice and useful applications. For instance, I’ve got another project where a SSO service passes a Json2Ldap session handler to logged in clients, authenticated as the client or the user, which allows the client to store specific own config data into the directory or retrieve user identity info and app settings. I consider making this another general product alongside Json2Ldap once the project is completed and tested out in practice.

    • Ludo 15 March 2011 / 23:00

      I agree with you. One of the biggest issue with LDAP these days is not the service, but the lack of good APIs to access the service for the new generations of developers. HTTP Rest and JSon are well known and mastered technologies.

  4. Vladimir Dzhuvinov 16 March 2011 / 09:45

    Let’s see whether JSON would do for LDAP directories what DSML failed couple of years (or maybe a decade?) ago 🙂

    Do you think proposing a standard JSON API for directory access would be a good idea and worth pursuing?

  5. Elizabeth 17 September 2012 / 13:33

    What does the RESTful/JSON service in OpenDJ-2.5.0 entail? Does it imply that I can authenticate into OpenDJ using a JSON token ?

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