Meeting the Open Identity Stack Community

We’ve been thinking about this since the begining of ForgeRock, and we’ve finally set a date, a great location and even lined up Keynote speakers.

Join us on June 12th to 14th, 2013, in Pacific Grove, California for the first ForgeRock Open Identity Summit, an event for and with the community of the OpenAM, OpenDJ and OpenIDM projects. The agenda is still work in progress and will be previewed soon. But you can be part of it. A call for paper is opened, but not for long. You have up to May 6th to submit your proposals for presentations. Don’t wait for the last minutes !

A note on logistics, please make sure to book your hotel, registration is not complete until you’ve booked your room!  Space at Asilomar is filling up, so we encourage you to register ASAP to reserve your spot.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the event!


OpenDJ Roadmap Update…

OpenDJ-300x100It took us some time to evaluate and refine the roadmap for OpenDJ, but it’s finally there. We’ve updated the Roadmap on the wiki, and set a date for the next release of OpenDJ.

The first change decided is that the next release will be versioned 2.6. We got the feedback that the versioning scheme with Xpress releases and final releases with the same version number is confusing. Moving forward, we will try to keep the following scheme : a stable release will have an even minor number and development releases will have an odd number.

We’ve also set the date for the release to end of Q2 of 2013 (end of June).

The REST to LDAP service has now been integrated in OpenDJ server, although not fully featured yet. The team is working really hard to deliver the remaining features by June, and closing the few remaining important defects. If you want to start evaluating the REST to LDAP service, just grab a recent nightly build. Mark is doing a great job of documenting the REST features as they become available.

We will soon make the RPM and Debian packages available for tests with the nightly builds, along with the new upgrade mechanism, and then enter a cycle of stabilization before the 2.6.0 release.

Feedback is important for us, so please download and test the nightly builds, report success via email or issues in our bug tracking tool.

Prehistory of LDAP by Colin Robbins

Colin Robbins has published on his blog a “Prehistory of LDAP“, which describes some of the origins of the standard.

All of this predates my involvement with LDAP, directory servers and even X.500, but I feel related to it, since the names, projects or people, he mentions are familiar to me and I had the chance to meet or even work with some of them.

Anyway, for the curious who want to understand the roots of LDAP, it’s definitely worth reading.

Devoxx France 2013

DevoxxFR 2013, the conference for passionate developers that took place in Paris France last week , is over and the long easter week-end after it was well appreciated. The 3 days conference has been great for ForgeRock, and so busy for the whole staff that I couldn’t find the time to blog or even tweet during the conference. I spent most of my time on the booth, and didn’t get a chance to see any session. The only sessions I could fully participate in were the JUG Leaders BOF and my own Conference presentation about “Security for enterprises in a cloudy and mobile world” (See the presentation in French, on Parleys). That presentation was well attended and seemed to have caught interest, by judging from the number of questions that were asked during and after the presentation.
LP0_7549Our booth has been busy. We’ve had interesting discussions with developers, architects, consultants about our company, about our products. We met a few members of our community, already using our products, and even customers 🙂
We’ve also discussed with a few engineers interested in the job positions that we have open in our Research and Development center in Grenoble, both in product development and quality engineering.

I’d like to thank the organizers for the great conference. And I hope that we’ll be able to have a strong presence next year.

You can find my photo album from Devoxx France 2013 on G+.