Christmas and a new Sun blogger…

We have a nice tradition at ICNC (International Center for Network Computing, the French research and development center) for Christmas, it’s the employees’ children Christmas party.
The party takes place in our facilities, and includes a show for the children, Santa Claus visit to distribute the gifts and some cakes and drinks.

Well this year party took place yesterday (Wednesday Dec 15th) and as usual it was noisy. There were nearly a hundred children wandering in the corridors, shouting, screaming, waiting impatiently for their present and then unpacking them all over the place. Lot of fun (except for the few coworkers who intended to do some work) !

Warning: if you still believe in Santa, stop reading now.

As part of the tradition, Santa is played by the most recent hired and this year it happened to be Arnaud, who is also starting to blog on !