The use (or non-use) of DSML…

SuperPat aka Pat Patterson, one of our expert on Sun Java System Access Manager,  is asking if anyone uses DSML ?
After co-authoring the DSMLv2 specifications with Microsoft, we implemented it in the Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2 nearly 2 years ago, provided some client tools in the Directory Server Resource Kit,  and still we haven’t heard of any customer’s deployment using DSML.
I did get some reports from the field of some evaluation of DSMLv2, got
a few questions with regards to security and authentication, a couple
of queries on the performances… but still I have not heard from any
use in production.
And the last time I discussed about DSML with a friend who works for Novell, he basically said the same thing.

Still DSML is coming back in conversations some time to time, like
today as DSML was mentioned on the OpenLDAP mailing list with a proposed implementation of the client and the server side.

So, I’ll re-iterate Pat’s question: Is anyone using DSML ?