I just saw that Simon Phipps wrote today about FreeMind.
This must be a coincidence, but in an effort to get better organized
and efficient, I’ve just started to use FreeMind a couple of days ago
and I already love it. Not just because it’s open-sourced, truely
multi-plateform, 100% Java brewed, but also because it’s easy, fast and
easy to lay down tasks, ideas and links to files or URLs.
My mind map is not fully dumped yet, but I already start to get the
benefits of this simple tool. So if you’re looking for a way to reduce
the amount of postit notes around your screen, FreeMind is really worth trying.

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition presentations

As Pat as already mentioned here, there are new marketing presentations of Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition publicly available from
First there is a Sun Net Talk,
a less than 10 minutes presentation on Directory Server Enterprise
Edition by Don Bowen, Product Line Manager for Directory Server.
And there is this white paper detailing the Directory Services that are offered by Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition.

Both presentation are re-enforcing the fact that Directory Services
play a central role in Identity Management, as directory veterant Dave
Nesbitt recently pointed out in this article published in Digital ID.