DSC_6592.NEF The first Jazoon conference took place last week in Zurich Switzerland. It has been a good and well organized conference, quite well attended, especially for a first one. I was told that there were over 600 registered attendees. The conference was hold in a movie theatre which has 2 majors advantages: the presentations are projected on huge screens and are easily readable by anyone even the ones sitting at the very back of the room, and very comfortable seats for the attendees.

I attended presentations from, among others, Harold Carr on project Tango also known as Web Services Interoperability Technology, Paul Sandoz (also co-worker from the Grenoble Engineering Center, France) on JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful web services, Dean Allemang on Semantic Web, RDF, RSS and microformats.

DSC_6591.NEFThe keynote by Roy T. Fielding was quite informative for me, as it really put some hyped terms (such as REST) in their historical context (as my main focus is around LDAP, I had not closely followed the “internals” of the Web).

But most of all, conferences are a place for networking, meeting co-workers from other locations, meeting users or customers of our products and exchanging ideas, solutions…

My presentation about OpenDS was scheduled for this morning. The attendance was not as high as I could have expected, but I was challenged by Henry who was talking at the same time on Web 3.0 (the semantic web). Anyway, presentation went well, some of the questions showed some interest in OpenDS and understanding how it compares to the other LDAP servers. I ended up discussing with one application developer interested in learning more on embedding OpenDS in his web-application.

Overall, it was a good week and a good conference not too far away from home, but it is unsure that we will be presenting again OpenDS progress next year.

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