DSEE 6.1 qualified with Sun Cluster 3.2…

SC3.2 Console Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.0 delivered a Sun Cluster HA agent for Directory Server that was qualified with Sun Cluster 3.1 (which is the version in Java Enterprise System 5).

We’ve done a quick round of sanity tests of Sun Java System Directory Server 6.1 with Sun Cluster 3.2, and we can now claim the combination officially supported.

There is still a defect with Directory Server 6.1 that prevents the server from starting when SC 3.2 has been installed on a machine ( defect #6563445: Directory Server fails to start if rlimit is set to infinity). This defect has been fixed in the coming 6.2 version. Meanwhile Sun support organization will be happy to deliver a hot-fix for this on demand.

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