DSCC deployed as war file for a Java ES Install…

Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 main feature is the ability to deploy the Console GUI from a War file in your favorite Application Server (within a choice of Sun App Server or Tomcat 5.5).

In a previous post, I demonstrated how to do this with a Zip installation of DSEE. Here I am explaining how to obtain and install DSCC war file for a Java Enterprise System installation (also known as the Native package installation, depending on the OS either SVR4 packages, RPMs, Depot or MSI).

Because packages are providing a greater integration with Solaris system features, most of the commands must be run as "root" (or "Administrator" for Windows).

Once you have installed Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 or 6.2, the console is probably already registered in Sun Web Console. You can leave it as is, or you can un-configure it using dsccsetup:

# pwd


# dsccsetup console-unreg

Unregistering DSCC Application from Sun Java(TM) Web Console…

This operation is going to stop Sun Java(TM) Web Console.

Do you want to continue ? [y,n] y

Stopping Sun Java(TM) Web Console…

Unregistration is on-going. Please wait…

/var/opt/SUNWdsee/dscc6/dcc has not been removed

DSCC Application has been unregistered from Sun Java(TM) Web Console

Restarting Sun Java(TM) Web Console

Please wait : this may take several seconds…

Sun Java(TM) Web Console restarted successfully

Now you can check the status and it should like this.

# dsccsetup status


DSCC Application is not registered in Sun Java (TM) Web Console


DSCC Agent is registered in Cacao


DSCC Registry has been created

Path of DSCC registry is /var/opt/SUNWdsee/dscc6/dcc/ads

Port of DSCC registry is 3998


To generate the DSCC war file, use the following command (note that this command is undocumented and unsupported for the time being. Still it works and produces the ).

# dsccsetup war-file-create /tmp/dscc.war

# ls -la /tmp/dscc.war

-rw-r–r– 1 root root 7303074 Jul 9 14:33 /tmp/dscc.war

You can now deploy the WAR file in your favorite Application Server, and follow the instructions for the zip deployment. There is one pitfall though. Because, DSEE and DSCC are installed as root, and so is the DSCC Registry, the WAR file should be deployed in an Application Server which as the ability to run commands with the root privileges. Otherwise, DSCC will not be able to access its registry and thus will not start properly.

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