Directory Services Art


Thanks to Sebastien Bertholet, an esteemed engineer in the Directory services quality engineering team, for producing this amazing picture of a fully partially connected topology of 150 Master Directory Servers (each master is connected to 5 other servers).

Click on the picture for the full size version for the details, but be patient the image is huge.

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2 thoughts on “Directory Services Art

  1. Mark Wahl 19 December 2007 / 08:42

    Wow – that’s very pretty. But how many replication agreements are there for each server? Only 6 lines are shown for each server in the picture – if it was "fully connected", then wouldn’t each server have 149 replication agreements?

  2. Ludo 19 December 2007 / 08:55

    Mark, you’re right. Each master is only connected to 6 other masters.
    I’m correcting the post.

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