Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 is now publicly available.

 Software Products Identity Images Thumb SoftwareSun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.3 is the latest release of the Directory Server product line and brings several improvements over previous releases:

  • Improved performances for some specific deployments. For example, deletion of sub organizations is now faster.
  • Optimized disk space utilization by removing useless replication meta-data during an import with the new dsadm purge-csn option.
  • Better interoperability through Directory Proxy Server with improved support of LDAP controls and extended operations.
  • Improved support for distributed entry creation or modification with Directory Proxy Server Virtual capabilities and RDBMS.
  • Better support for multi-hosted machines with Directory Service Control Center.
  • Ability to deploy the Zip install on Windows as any user.
  • Support for SuSE Linux 10 (x86 architecture).
  • Support for HP-UX 11.23 (PA-RISC).

The full download are available immediately from the Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition Downloads

Picture 22

The patches are available immediately from SunSolve.

Localization patches will be available shortly.

The documentation for this release has been published on :

For more information, check the DSEE Blog.

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