Just installed : Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0

I’ve just installed the newly released Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0 on my MacBook Pro.

Here some of the new features :

  • 64 bits guest support (64 bits host only)
  • New native Leopard user interface on MacOS X hosts
  • The GUI was converted from Qt3 to Qt4 with many visual improvements
  • New-version notifier
  • Guest property information interface
  • Host Interface Networking on Mac OS X hosts
  • Host Interface Networking on Solaris 10 hosts
  • Support for Nested Paging on modern AMD-V CPUs (major performance gain)
  • Framework for collecting performance and resource usage data (metrics)
  • Clipboard integration for OS/2 Guests
  • Support for VHD images
  • Created separate SDK component featuring a new Python programming interface on Linux and Solaris hosts

You can download VirtualBox 2.0 for free now !

Here’s a screen shot of my desktop running OpenSolaris 2008.05 as the guest OS in Seamless mode.

My Desktop with VirtualBox 2.0 running

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