OpenDS 1.1.0-Build001 is now available

Opends Logo TagWe have just uploaded OpenDS 1.1.0-build001, built from revision 4507 of our source tree, to our promoted builds folder.

The direct link to download the core server is:

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is:

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more i


Detailed information about this build is available at

Major changes incorporated since OpenDS 1.0.0 include:

#8226 Revision 4342 (Issue #3330) – The LDIF connection handler is now disabled by default.

#8226 Revision 4344 (Issue #3338) – Fix an error that was causing the upgrade mechanism to remove the any Java arguments that had been set for the server.

#8226 Revision 4349 (Issue #3328) – Correct the Java options used when the server is started through the status panel.

#8226 Revision 4350 (Issue #3310) – Fix an issue that was causing the restart of a master server to take several minutes.

#8226 Revision 4387 (Issue #3418) – Ensure that the status and status-panel commands display the Java version rather than the JVM version.

#8226 Revision 4394 (Issue #3438) – Ensure that the start-ds command uses the configured jvm arguments when running as a windows service.

#8226 Revision 4406 (Issue #3429) – Fix an issue that was causing online parallel replication initialization to fail.

#8226 Revision 4412 (Issue #3443) – When a new replication domain is configured, the server now prevents sub-suffix replication only if the sub-suffixes are identical.

#8226 Revision 4416 (Issue #1805) – Add options to the ldifdiff command to allow specific attributes or entries to be ignored when comparing LDIF files.

#8226 Revision 4423 (Issue #3461) – Fix an issue that was causing the winlauncher to inherit handlers from its parent process.

#8226 Revision 4441 (Issue #3468) – Allow the password modify extended operation to accept a DN for the userIdentity.

#8226 Revision 4446 – Fix the residentialPerson object class definition bug introduced in RFC2256 and carried over to RFC4519 where the l attribute declared both MUST and MAY. The new definition reflects the X.521 origin of residentialPerson.

#8226 Revision 4464 – Fix an issue that resulted in an entry not being removed from the DN entry cache index.

#8226 Revision 4473 (Issue #3475) – Fix the Java Web Start setup on Mac OS.

#8226 Revision 4476 (Issue #3474) – authzid is no longer ignored when checking groupdn membership.

#8226 Revision 4485 (Issue #3484) – Fix a problem that resulted in a very low purge delay being set when the replication purge delay was changed.

#8226 Revision 4488 (Issue #3477) – Fix a problem that caused the replication server cache to become too large and the JVM to run out of memory.

#8226 Revisions 4489 and 4490 – Separate the server delivery into an “Install Layout” (the binaries) and an “Instance Layout” (the user data).

#8226 Revision 4496 – Adapt the make-ldif command for the split between instance and install.

#8226 Revision 4500 – (Issue #3492) – Fix an issue in which the get effective rights control returned incorrect rights for the isMemberOf attribute.

#8226 Revision 4503 (Issue #3488) – Fix a problem that caused replication initialization from quicksetup to fail occasionally.

#8226 Revision 4504 (Issue #3490) – Fix an issue that caused the uninstall process to produces numerous spurious warnings.

#8226 Revision 4506 (Issue #3496) – Fix a problem causing SASL/GSSAPI authentication to fail over startTLS.

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