OpenDS, Sun Labs and Java teams collaborate on performances

Opends Logo TagIn the past months, Matthew Swift, OpenDS core server lead developer, has been focusing most of his work on improving OpenDS server’s performances, trying to leverage as many tools as he could.

DukewithhelmetSometime, tools are not enough, and Matt started to discuss with Laurent Daynes, researcher on multitasking virtual machines and also based in the Sun Grenoble Engineering Center, about some strange behaviors of the JVM when trying to benchmark OpenDS with huge databases and caches. A few weeks after, Tony Printezis, expert in the Garbage Collector, came to Grenoble and got interested in our project and experiences. For the last few months, they’ve been working together, exchanging instrumented JVM, logs, results and ideas… The exchanges are valuable for both the HotSpot JVM team and the OpenDS team, as together we’re really pushing Java and OpenDS to the limits, with a real case scenario.

For the OpenDS team, being able to tap in directly into the brains behind Java or ZFS, is a huge advantage.

You can find more details on Matt’s blog.

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One thought on “OpenDS, Sun Labs and Java teams collaborate on performances

  1. nacho 26 March 2009 / 17:12

    I look forward to seeing an Active Directory like tool for UNIX, and from what i’ve seen you, guys are in the right track, setting up opends is much simpler than Openldap or DSEE. Now we need a similar effort for the kerberos and opends integration and the client join procedure

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