OpenDS 1.3.0-Build002 is now available

Opends Logo TagWe have just uploaded OpenDS 1.3.0-build002, built from revision 5124 of our source tree, to our promoted builds folder.

The direct link to download the core server is:

The direct link to download the DSML gateway is:

We have also updated the archive that may be used to install OpenDS via Java Web Start. You may launch that using the URL, or visit for more i


Detailed information about this build is available at

Upgrade from 1.0 or 1.2 is still broken, but upgrade from 1.3.0-build001 should work.

Major changes that have been incorporated since the last promoted build (OpenDS 1.3.0-build001) include:

  • Revision 5052 (Issue #3823) – Correct an issue that caused the ds-privilege-name to cause an unchecked exception.
  • Revision 5054 (Issue #3832) – Provide ergonomics style settings for common server properties.
  • Revision 5055 (Issue #3831) – Add dsconfig support for a NullBackend.
  • Revision 5058 (Issue #3824) – Fix a null pointer exception that occurred if an offline import was done on an NDB back end.
  • Revision 5059 (Issue #3821) – NDB back end – do not normalize user provided DN forms when storing.
  • Revision 5060 (Issue #3816) – Fix a problem with replication when uppercase characters were included in DNs.
  • Revision 5061 (Issue #3851) – Force the monitor back end to return parent monitoring entries before their children.
  • Revision 5062 (Issue #3804) – Improve replication monitoring.
  • Revision 5064 (Issue #3678) – Prevent dsconfig from displaying the corresponding command when the –displayCommand option is not specified.
  • Revision 5066 (Issue #3860) – Fix a problem that prevented the server from finding a certificate in a JKS keystore if the alias contained uppercase characters.
  • Revision 5067 (Issue #2993) – Print the server’s runtime information in the logs when the server is started by the setup command.
  • Revision 5070 (Issue #3861) – Update the control panel to handle the new monitor attributes.
  • Revision 5071 (Issue #3764) – Fix a problem that caused the server to hang when the replication configuration was changed during a total update.
  • Revision 5072 (Issue #839) – Add a specific code for LDAPException handling.
  • Revision 5074 (Issue #3863) – Fix a dsconfig exception when trying to set the subject attribute in a Subject DN To User Attribute Certificate Mapper.
  • Revision 5079 – Fix indexed search scoping.
  • Revision 5083 (Issue #3525) – Ensure that attribute modifications are replicated for modDN operations.
  • Revision 5085 (Issue #3837) – Fix a problem that caused a subtree ldapsearch operation to return the same result twice.
  • Revision 5086 – Simplify index configuration and add configuration placeholders for future use.
  • Revision 5087 (Issue #3402) – Fix a replication conflict resolution issue that caused a failure to resolve a double mod_rdn of the same entry.
  • Revision 5088 (Issue #3714) – Ensure the ldapsearch returns exit code 10 when it receives a referral.
  • Revision 505091 (Issue #3873) – Fix a problem that caused certain commands to use the of other commands.
  • Revision 5095 (Issue #3300) – Fix a problem that prevented the server from starting if the back end of a replicated suffix was disabled.
  • Revision 5099 (Issue #3315) – Fix a problem that caused dsreplication initialize-all to return before the peer had completed initialization.
  • Revision 5104 (Issue #3853) – NDB back-end : make sure that blob handles are wired to their result sets to prevent out of order retrieval when iterating.
  • Revision 5105 (Issue #3886) – Fix an issue that prevented online import-ldif from using the skipfile.
  • Revision 5107 (Issue #3877) – Fix an unexpected error that occurred when enabling safe_data mode.
  • Revision 5110 (Issue #3854) – Fix various issues that caused uninstall to fail on Windows, due to log files.
  • Revision 5112 (Issue #3887) – Fix a problem that caused changes in the dynamic assured replication configuration to cause timeouts.
  • Revision 5113 (Issue #3829) – Fix a problem that occurred when dsreplication enable was used with “localhost” as the host name for –host1 and –host2.
  • Revision 5115 (Issue #3833) – Fix a corrupt index in a replication topology.
  • Revision 5117 (Issue #3827) – NDB back end : fix a problem that prevented the NDB back end from being enabled dynamically with dsconfig.
  • Revision 5119 (Issue #3889) – Allow replicas to know about the state of the other replicas in the topology.
  • Revision 5122 (Issues #3884 and 3867) – Fix two issues that prevented GSSAPI SASL authentication from working as expected.

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