OpenDS and LDAP naming services on the Identity Buzz Podcast

IdmbuzzbeeTwo weeks ago, Nick Wooler and I talked about LDAP Naming Services and OpenDS in a new episode of the famous Identity Management Buzz Podcast. We cover the basics of Naming services, why LDAP naming services are the way to go and how OpenDS fits in this picture, for Solaris, OpenSolaris but also the other operating systems.

For more information, you can check the Identity Management Starter Kits for using OpenDS as the OpenSolaris Naming Service.

To learn more about OpenDS, go to the open source main web site

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My vote for the iPhone App of the year !

I haven’t been an early adopter of the iPhone, mostly because it only became available in France with the 3G model, but since I bought mine I’ve been really pleased with it (apart from the short battery lifetime). Like most iPhone users, I’ve downloaded and added a few apps, but I’ve been reluctant to pay for apps that I couldn’t try before…

Until yesterday !

Yesterday, Anton Bobrov, a co-worker and developer on the OpenDS project, still maintainer of the Netscape LDAP SDK, told me that his Directory application was available on the App Store. I knew it was it the work, and knowing Anton I was expecting some pretty well crafted application.

Indeed, Directory is a simple, clean and lean LDAP query application that allows iPhone and iPodTouch users to search their corporate directory servers (or LDAP savvy developers to test their development server ;-).). Directory provides secure access and authentication to the server and allows to dial, email or add contacts in the local address book.

I’m currently using it to access Sun‘s externally accessible phone directory, but I’ve tested it successfully with both Sun Directory Server and OpenDS.

ZEN Directory App for iPhoneZEN Directory App for iPhone and iTouch

Here’s the settings that I’ve used (once you’ve installed the Directory application, there is a "Directory" section in the Settings application).

Identity: cn=John Smith (12345),ou=people,dc=sun,dc=com

[your Sun ID should be enclosed in brackets and watch the spaces]

Password: My Sun password


(Keep the remaining untouched).

Thanks Anton for this long desired application which will save me a lot of time in the future. May I request the ability to have multiple LDAP accounts and easily switch from one to another ?

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Directory experts from the US meet in Somerset.

Nick Wooler presenting at Sun Directory Masters 2009 in NJYesterday and today, we’re hosting the US version of the Sun Directory Masters in Somerset NJ. Despite the weak economy and the swine flu, over 40 sales engineers, consultants, software architects met to discuss with the lead developers from the Directory engineering team, the coming features of Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition 7 and Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0.

With an agenda very similar to the Grenoble event, yesterday we’ve covered the Directory landscape, the Directory Services products roadmap, performances and new deployment scenarios offered with the new products. Today, we’re discussing Sun OpenDS Standard Edition 2.0, its performances, tools to transition legacy directory services to new deployments, benchmarking tools… We also have presentations done by our partners like Bill Hathaway from Versatile or our own field engineers or architects like Brad Diggs, Michael Melore (trying to entertain the attendance at lunch break), Wajih Ahmed or Lee Trujillo (as pictured during his talk below).

Michael Melore, Master of ceremony at the Directory Masters in Somerset NJLee Trujillo talking DirTracer at the Directory Master event in Somerset NJ

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