MySQL, data and LDAP access

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

LDAP and RDBMs have often been opposed in the past with LDAP being the preferred service for fast frequent lookups, authentication and authorization, and RDBMs being the preferred service to write large data, updated frequently, mined some time to time.

But both technologies have some things in common: they are data stores and they are heavily used. And often, within an enterprise or a service provider, the data stored in the RDBMs is duplicated from the LDAP directory service (or vice-versa).

So there is an interest in sharing the data between RDBMs and LDAP. There are different ways to achieve this.

At the MySQL conference on April 20-23, 2009, we will be holding a BoF session to discuss how to make use of LDAP with MySQL databases, with Sun products : Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition and OpenDS.

I hope to see you there.

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Hallo OpenDS ! Cześć OpenDS ! Hola OpenDS !

OpenDS, LDAP directory server. Open Standards, Open SourceCommunities are amazing. A day after we announced the Translation Community for the OpenDS project, we’ve already added 3 languages to the ones already set.

So I’m please to announce the availability in the Community Translation Interface, the OpenDS German translation project, the OpenDS Spanish translation project and the OpenDS Polish translation project.

OpenDS Gemeinschaft für Deutsch Übersetzung ist nun offen

OpenDS comunidad para la traducción español ya está abierto

OpenDS społeczność niemiecki tłumaczenie jest już otwarty

Disclaimer : those 3 translation above are computer generated, unlike the OpenDS community let translations !

General discussion are taking place on the G11N alias <> but language specific mailing lists have been created to discuss in native languages the details:

  • For German :
  • For Spanish :
  • For Polish:

Please subscribe to the mailing lists if you intend to participate. And many thanks to the OpenDS community members that have already signed up.

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