Being Global…

Some time ago, I enabled the ClustrMaps on my blog to get some idea of who was reading this space and where from.

And I must say I’m completely amazed by the global reach out of what I post here.

Below is a picture indicating the location of the readers from March 19 to May 20, 2009.

Blog Cluster map

While I’m not surprise that most readers are from US and Europe, I find it interesting that the blog has been read from 94 different countries, some of which I cannot even place on the map.

The power of the Internet keeps amazing me everyday. Now it would be really cool if you, reader from one of those little isolated red dot, could leave a comment and tell me what you’re interested in, and how you use OpenDS if you do.

Note that I do understand French, English and Spanish, so this leaves you some choice for leaving your comment. So don’t be shy !

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One thought on “Being Global…

  1. Radim Marek 26 May 2009 / 03:33

    Hi Ludo,
    in spare time I’m using OpenDS (currently 2.0-RC1) as a backend for my resource management and monitoring engine; both standalone and embedded. OpenDS is a provider of metadata for all entries, and my engine is used for storing/retrieving of the metrics and visualization in real-time.
    Current setup is to use a BASE_DN per customer, each storing variety of information (currently somewhere between 500 – 5k entries per BASE_DN). My security management is based directly on the OpenDS privilege system, with long running connections initiated from HTTP frontend.
    So far OpenDS meets all my requirements, but if I would have to point out something then it’s
    a) support for custom external SASL authentication handlers
    b) or, authentication mechanism either similar to advanced digest authentication or based on some sort of tokens retrieved from previously authenticated session (so I don’t have to store user password for whole duration of my/user’s transactions);
    c) directly expose interface equivalent to dsconfig, so I can perform provisioning tasks without need to execute dsconfig itself
    d) haven’t check it in a while, but please Maven-ize whole project, so it’s easier to work with it (including testing)
    Thanks for all the great work
    Best regards,

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