14 !

Today is my 14th anniversary at Sun. This is way more than I had anticipated but I can’t say that I’ve been really counting the days or years. I’ve been very fortunate to meet and work with very bright people, to participate in the birth and development of a very successful product line. I’ve done and I’m still doing things that get me excited, passionate, with a really good balance of the technical and the business aspects. Looking back from where we’ve started with Sun Directory Services, I’m amazed and I’m proud by the amount of business we’ve driven for Sun. And still our customers are pushing us to innovate and we’re taking LDAP directory server to levels that a few years ago we would not even consider as possible. So there is still some interesting work ahead and that keeps me going to the office every day with motivation and a steaming brain.

However, I know there will not be a 15th anniversary at Sun, just simply because Sun will no longer be Sun very soon. The page is turning… Let see what the next chapter will be about !

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