The Agenda for the 2nd International LDAP Conference (LDAPCon 2009).

The agenda for the 2nd International LDAP Conference has been published, and the conference really looks very attractive to me (sure I’ll be presenting and thus I’m a little bit biased Angelic). I can’t wait to be in Portland OR, meet with all the LDAP experts from the various open source projects or directory services vendors and have those lively discussions.

I hope to see you there.

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Updated script for OpenDS.

Opends Logo TagBack in March, in the series of OpenDS tips, I had written an article and a script to help converting schema files for OpenLDAP to a format suitable for OpenDS.

I received multiple suggestions for the scripts as well as sample schema files that would not load in OpenDS after being converted. Most of the time, it was due to the lack of respect of the RFC syntaxes.

Recently, I found the time to update the script and produce better conversion. You can get the python script here. The March article has been refreshed with the new script as well.

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