A nice gesture from FISL organizers

I’ve just received a “certificate of attendance as a Speaker” from the FISL organizers. This is a very nice gesture and adds to the amazing experience that is FISL. Big thanks to the organizers and more specifically Fernanda Weiden who had to cope with the egos of over 320 speakers.

FISL Certificate

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Lowering the bar for OpenDS Translation…

Opends Logo TagPavel Heimlich, also known as Hajma on in the OpenDS project and lead for many Translation projects, has gone through all of the OpenDS messages to figure out the ones that were still in use and important to translate. There is now a "simplified" OpenDS project in the Community Translation Interface that contains a 5th of the initial messages, making it easier and faster for the volunteers to translate OpenDS to their preferred language. There are currently on-going translation for chinese, french, german, japanese, korean, polish, portuguese, serbian and spanish, but new language projects can be initiated on demand.

If you’re interested, check the How To Guide.

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