Twitter 2.0 for Mac : good but not enough

With the arrival of the App Store for Mac OS X, the first application I installed and tried is Twitter 2.0.

Twitter is the client that I’m using on the iPhone and I’ve heard good things about the Tweetie, Mac version, and a lot of expectations for the 2.0 version.

Twitter 2.0 has an new user interface that is a different than other OS -X applications, but it’s very easy to get used to it. It’s a single column app, with an icon toolbar on the side giving access to the timeline, mentions, direct messages, lists, searches… It supports multiple accounts and fits really well on the side of the screen with smooth scrolling when new tweets arrive or when changing view. It’s very lightweight in memory and on the CPU, which is a good thing for apps that are opened all day long on the desktop.

Twitter 2.0 Mac Application screenshot

But Twitter 2.0 lacks some of the features that I’m used to with my other Twitter client application :  Nambu.

The biggest and most important missing feature for me is the lack of notification on Searches. I understand that this is probably a design choice to prevent overloading twitter service, but I have a set of predefined terms that I’m tracking and for which I want almost real time notification.

The other missing features I noticed are notifications for lists, the auto-completion of user names, the possibility to translate tweets written in Foreign language, and most importantly the indication that a tweet has been read or not, especially between restart of the application.

For those reasons, Nambu remains my preferred application for reading and posting to Twitter. But I can see the Twitter application quickly taking over the desktop of the regular users.