OpenDJ LDAP server for Snow Leopard Server and Unix

One of the things that I appreciate with Mac OS X is that it’s based on Unix, the family of operating systems I’ve been using since my years at university.

And what’s more natural to integrate a  Unix system with other Unix systems ? Well, one point of integration for identities and services is an LDAP directory server, like OpenDJ, the Open source LDAPv3 Directory service in Java.

Phillip Steinbachs has been working on a pet project of his: providing Mac OS X desktop environment via SunRay thin-clients. For this, he needed to have his Apple Xserver boxes, running Snow Leopart Server, to be integrated within the current LDAP and NFS environment, based on OpenDS (from which OpenDJ derives). Having successfully done it, Phillip just posted a summary of the changes needed to have its integrated, including the proper schema files. A good reference post for whoever wants to integrate its Mac OS based machines with LDAP!