An unexpected gift!

Yesterday, there was a package in my mailbox, the size of letter, thick with a bump protuding.

Nearly 4 months after my last day at Oracle, I’ve received my 15 Years @ Sun pin and plate (the anniversary date was July 17th). Somehow, receiving this feels weird. First because technically Sun was no more (in France) on July 17th. Then the plate holds the signature of Jonathan Schwartz who was long gone by then. Finally, the date was almost 6 months ago; since I’ve packed and moved on ! But I’m thankful to Oracle for following up and sending them to me, instead of trashing them.

I still haven’t received the gift I ordered before I left, though: a silver made Caran D’Ache ballpen. May be it’s also on its way ! I’d hoped to receive it in time to sign in ForgeRock France new employees’ contract !