Not blogging for a promotion

I agree with Tim Bray here with his “Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career” and with Jim Grisanzio addition that it’s Fun as well (although I personally have more fun reading than writing).
But I’m not blogging to get promoted (and considering the number of
blogs that have greater numbers of hits, I’m not in the short list
anyway :-)).
I’ve started blogging as a way to better share my ideas and knowledge
with my collegues and customers (if any are reading), and at least to
get better organized, improve my communication and potentially reduce
the amount of emails that I was exchanging every day. In other words,
gain efficiency. With that matter, I’m starting to see the value.
I never thought that blogging would make me more important or more
elictible to a promotion, but if it comes, I’m not going to refuse 😉

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