More than just a Directory Server…

Sun Java System Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.1 is the most recent version of our product, released a couple of weeks ago.

It seems that very few customers have realized that the product is more than just a directory server. In fact, DSEE is a complete Directory Services offering and includes:

  • A high performance, secure and scalable Directory Server
  • A fully featured Directory Proxy Server that offers security, data rewriting, load balancing, data distribution and virtual directory functionalities
  • A Directory Service oriented web based Console to manage from a single place all your Directory Server and Directory Proxy Server instances
  • A customizable, web based directory entry management et editing tool: Directory Editor
  • A users, passwords and groups synchronization with Active Directory engine: Identity Synchronization for Windows (ISW)
  • Directory Server Resource Kit, a set of tools and API to help with the deployment, testing of DSEE.

Dsee Overview

By the way, all of the parts are covered with the DSEE right to use license (either per entry, or per employee for the Java ES license). No need to pay more if you have a directory server deployed and you want to use Directory Editor or Directory Proxy Server.

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