12 years under the Sun

Today marks my 12th anniversary with Sun.

12 years is a long time, and probably more than I anticipated initially when I joined the company in 1995.

But I’ve been and I am still having a lot of fun, working on a pretty successful product, in a beautiful environment and with very smart people.

Sun Directory Server was started in the Grenoble Engineering Center -GEC- (called International Center for Network Computing – ICNC – at that time) in 1996. The team has evolved a lot with the Sun / Netscape Alliance, the merge with the Innosoft Directory team and all of the yearly re-organizations. But the largest part of Directory Services Engineering remains in Grenoble (well a few kilometers outside Grenoble, in Montbonnot more specifically) where we continue developing both DSEE and OpenDS.

Meanwhile Sun’s facilities have evolved as well. In a celebration mood for this anniversary, here are all the buildings I’ve been working in for the last 12 years.

Dcp 1656Dcp 1663Dcp 1721Dcp 6547

I think I’ll be around for a few more years, as I’ve found a good balance between a highly motivating working environment (and project), and quality of life in the Alps…

Dcp 6599

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