Over 80 bugs killed in over a week…

Two weeks ago, I announced the OpenDS Summer 2007 Bugfest.

The bug hunt ended last Friday and it’s been a quite successful week with exactly 84 bugs being fixed during these 10 days (including the US and French public holiday), by 14 different committers. This effort led to the first weekly build of what will be the 1.0 version of OpenDS.

While the Sun team was strongly encouraged by management to participate, we’ve seen little involvement of the community.

This is certainly a sign that we still have a lot of work to do to broaden the community, get it involved, and for us to be more transparent and open.

As a small step in that direction, I’ve started to daily join the #opends IRC chat room on Freenode.net, and to encourage participation from my co-workers. Time will tell if this helps…

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