Live from LDAPCon (Cologne)

I’m now in Cologne Germany participating in the 1st International LDAP Conference.

This morning, Kurt Zeilenga (Isode) started the conference with a Directory Standards Report, presenting the history of Directory Standards, LDAPv3 status and the current on-going effort.

I then presented the OpenDS project, the rational behind the project and its goals (I’ll make the preso available later).

After lunch, Howard Chu (Symas, Chief Architect for OpenLDAP) introduced his talk with his traditional fiddle play and then presented the OpenLDAP 2.4 server. I must say that I’ve been impressed by the list of enhancements introduced such as N-way MultiMaster Replication.

Alex Karasulu (Apache Directory Project) presented his view of the LDAP community and his vision for the Apache Directory Server: a playground for experimentation and bridging LDAP and RDBMs.

More after the break.

Update on Sep. 10 2007.

Kurt’s presentation was posted on Isode blog.

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