Directory Server Enterprise Edition 6.2…

DSEE 6.2 is out.

It has been released as part of Java Enterprise System 5 Update 1.

The patches are in the process of being made available through SunSolve.

Here’s a quick overview of the patch numbers

126748-02 Solaris9-sparc, Solaris10-sparc

126749-02 Solaris9-x86

126750-02 Solaris10-x86, Solaris10-AMD64

126751-02 Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 UP4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 UP2, SuSE 9UP3

126753-02 Windows 2000 AS SP4, Windows 2003 EE/SE SP2 (32&64-bits), Windows XP

The full download will soon be available from the DSEE Download page.

As Deepak already mentioned, the Documentation has been published


DSEE 6.2 is mostly a bug fix release, aligns with the other Java ES products and components, but does also contain one specific performance improvement.

Enjoy !

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