LDAPCon day 1, afternoon

It was a long afternoon at the LDAPCon with presentations until nearly 8pm. Thanks to the organizers it was followed by a social event with food and free drinks. A good occasion to relax, taste the local beer, recall the old LDAP stories and redo the world until exhaustion of fuel :-).

Frank Tröger exposed his work on a Reference Schema for Identity Management, searching, sort and linking all of the LDAP schema that have been defined in that area (with a focus on higher education).

Daniel Pluta from Munich University of Technology talked about Access controls for Group and Role management.

Giovanni Baruzzi from Syntlogo presented his thought on Designing a Directory Tree. In a nutshell, keep it simple:

"As flat as possible, as deep as needed"

Hilla Reynolds, Director of Development at CA revealed in a very animated and humorous presentation her secrets for a "Seamless Directory Backbone service": Standards, distribution, failover… Applications access front-ends that deal with the real sources of information.

Other sessions I did not attend (split sessions) included a presentation of the Apache Directory Studio (formelly known as LDAP studio). Impressive tool and progress since I last downloaded it. And a presentation on Spring LDAP.

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