Apache Directory Server, Stored Procedures and Triggers for LDAP.

Ersin Er from the Apache Software Foundation exposed his experimentations with Stored Procedures in LDAP and how they are used with Triggers.

Stored Procedures are code (java bytecode) stored in LDAP objects executed by a generic LDAP Extended request to pass parameters and get returned result and values.

Triggers are specifying an event, action,time and a scope in a single attribute definition, and leverage stored procedures for actions. Events are predefined, and triggers are run within an Administration domain (Subtree Specification). Pretty neat ! I think this is not a new idea, but it looks like a simplification in the use of the plugins and tasks that exist in Sun Directory Server and OpenDS. There might be value in a common representation of such LDAP directory server extensions, but I’m afraid this will not lead to better interoperability as Stored Procedures will be very specific to each implementation.

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