LDAPCon – Day 2

I’ve noticed that Jan-Piet Mens is also blogging live from LDAPCon. And yet we had a good evening with lively and hilarious discussions between the OpenLDAP, OpenDS, Isode, ApacheDS developers.

Steven Legg (eB2Bcom.com) exposed his work on XML enabled Directories also known as XLDAP. Most of the protocol and data model has been conducted through IETF. So far Steven has been the only one to produce an implementation. It’s not really surprising: one need to be both an expert in LDAP and XML processing to get an idea of what XLDAP is. But I recently got a question indirectly from a customer about XLDAP and whether we had any plan to implemented. Could it be that XLDAP is starting to raise interest ?

Andre Posner from Sun showed the use cases and added value of Sun Directory Proxy Server 6.x for security, availability, integration of different Directory Servers, migration of services.

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One thought on “LDAPCon – Day 2

  1. JP Mens 08 September 2007 / 08:36

    It was a great event and I am very pleased to have met you!

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