OpenDS Tab Sweep April 27

It’s been a while since I last swept my browser’s tabs. OpenDS is being used and mentioned more and more those days.

  • Masoud Kalali, in the Java zone of, wrote a long and detailed article demonstrating how to do end to end security with JavaDB. One of the mechanism for securing the access to the database is LDAP based authentication and authorization and Masoud details how to use OpenDS to enable this.
  • In the Architects zone of, Masoud again published an interview with me (yeah, I know, but a little bit of self promotion never hurts) about the OpenDS project and Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition.
  • Johan Andersson, wrote a blog post on the subject of LDAP and MySQL Cluster, describing some of the work we’ve done in the OpenDS project (and that has also been conducted in OpenLDAP).
  • On a different note, I came accross the Ldap Synchronization Connector (LSC) open source project (under the BSD license), delivering tools to to synchronize a LDAP directory from a list of data sources including any database with a JDBC connector, another LDAP directory, flat files… LSC seems a pretty new and confidential project, yet they are listing a few real customers based deployments. LSC is written in Java, and uses OpenDS as an embedded directory server.
  • OpenDS on Amazon EC2. An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) built on the OpenSolaris AMI, with OpenDS pre-installed and ready to use is now available and supported. This was announced along with AMI for GlassFish and OpenSSO.

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